Our Solutions

We have four core areas in which we help organisations to learn, develop and grow.

For your Business

We provide a range of services to that can help you to gain a competitive advantage for your BUSINESS

Supporting Senior Teams       Corporate Planning     Leadership      Governance   

You may want help with setting your strategic direction, updating your vision and values, shaping a corporate plan, or simply a team building session for your senior team to get you back on track.  Whatever you are struggling with we will help you to identify the key issues that need addressing, and shape a programme that is designed and delivered in the way that is best for you.

If you need to inject some new ideas, make sure your leaders know the ‘what and how’ of getting the most out of their staff, we can make sure that their behaviours and leadership skills match your culture.

Does your Board want to work together better or simply need space and time to think, plan and be strategic?  We can facilitate, design and deliver away days, and strategic planning days supported by coaching and MBTI to help you Board build the relationships that enable rich decision making.

Leadership can sometimes be a lonely place.  We can provide coaching and/or mentoring – supplying that essential sounding board for the individuals in your senior team and facilitate growth.

We have substantial experience at an Executive level to understand what it feels like to be in a leadership role and the challenges that it brings.

Transforming people leading to transformational business results.



For your People

We will be able to provide interventions that support and develop your PEOPLE

Employee Engagement       Tools for Managers        One to One support             Coaching        Learning

Business are now recognising the importance of having an engaged workforce.  We can help you spot the right staff and then find the best way of developing them.

We will provide your managers with the tools that help them strengthen their management and motivational skills and techniques – making work a great place to be.

Our experience of success in helping an organisation to become a Sunday Times ‘Top 100 Companies to work for’ means that we know what works, can spot trends and potential problems and understand how to plug gaps.  Working out what makes the workforce tick is one part of the service – the next is planning how to deliver their expectations in an affordable and managed way.

We can develop your talent through innovative learning interventions, or we can provide coaching for those individuals who need, or would benefit from a little extra help.

We will make sure you have the best chance of keeping your people motivated – and of keeping them at work.


For your Managers

Every day at work is about MANAGEMENT

Employee Engagement          Problem Solving     Diversity        Tools

People and organisations are complicated.  They may work like a well-oiled machine most of the time, but sometimes they need servicing, maybe the wheels need realigning, or some parts don’t seem to want to work together as well as they should.

There is always a solution to every complex issue, and Valuable Solutions has substantial expertise in problem solving, and dealing with those issues.

Managers sometimes need additional skills in their tool box to deal with problems, and we can provide the one to one support and/or training to get them to the level you need for them to operate successfully.

If you want help interpreting the latest equality and diversity legislation – so you know what practical measures are required at work; we can provide the advice you need and train your people – employees, managers and the Board.

Your organisation will have a positive employee relations climate and a more inclusive and diverse workforce that understands your customer views and aspirations.


For your Changes

The modern world of work is extremely complex.  Change is a significant contributor to this challenging environment.

Change Management

You may need to seek help to guide your leaders through a change process, or require support for managers.  If you are not sure about your next steps we can help you to identify what needs to change and how, by talking to key people, offering mentoring and coaching, and by getting to the heart of the issues that people are facing.

Our experience of establishing new teams, new cultures and new approaches will enable you to set off in the right direction and provide your people with the right skills, behaviours and tools to implement and embed the desired change.

Making change happen requires commitment, resolve, and a determination to succeed.  We will be there every step of the way, helping your people to remove barriers, helping staff to change – making sure customers are more satisfied.